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At Atlas Power and Compression technical expertise is our strength, and providing solutions is our passion. With our years of extensive experience, we provide answers to your green energy, gas processing and power generation needs. Our focus is the customer-first approach and creating long-lasting relationships with all partners. Whether it’s a new installation or optimization of an existing facility we have the solution that will fit our client’s needs.


Atlas Power and Compression offers a wide range of services to the oil and gas, power, process industry. Our world-class team has the engineering and technical expertise to meet the requirements of even the most complex projects.

Project Management

Our Full Project Management Services team tackles each and every project with the customer in mind from start to finish.

We will ensure that the right people, plan and process is in place to guarantee a cost effective, innovative project execution plan for every project we undertake.

Product Sourcing

We service the energy industry internationally and domestically with the technical expertise, mechanical and operational support necessary for all your project needs by offering new and used surplus solutions. Our long term relationships allow for us to easily provide equipment locating for:

  • Gas Compression

  • Power Generation

  • Process Facilities

  • Turbine Gas Compression

  • Solar and Battery Back Up Solutions

We have access to thousands of pieces of equipment to fit any requirement.  

Atlas can provide full mechanical and process inspection guaranteeing client understanding and satisfaction with existing sourced equipment.

Gas Compression Solutions

Full Gas Compressions Services providing both reciprocating and screw packages from 5 to 10,000 BHP.

Atlas Power and Compression supports all major equipment suppliers, Caterpillar, Waukesha, Cummins, White Superior, Ariel, Gemini, Ajax and many others. We have an extensive history with all major suppliers.

  • New and Used Surplus offerings

  • Engineering and Drafting services

  • Quality Control/ Quality Assurance Services

  • Retrofit, Refurbishment, Redeployment

  • Full parts and service solutions

Crypto Generation Solutions

Power Generation, Gas Supply & Maintenance

We provide turnkey solutions for all your power generation/crypto mining requirements with full installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance requirements.

We strive to be the leader in providing Power Generation for the Crypto Currency Market.

We provide industry leading equipment and solutions for all your Crypto requirements.

  • Atlas mining sites are turnkey
  • Power generation / maintenance / overhauls

  • Engineering & Design
  • Gas Supply, Gas Analyzers, Gas Reserve Confirmation for Site contractors for 3 to 5 years
  • Transportation
  • Permitting, Regulatory & Sound
  • Site Construction
  • All connections, cabling & Cable tray
  • Support for Mining Company Turnkey Solution
  • Site Contracts for 95% Uptime
  • Optimized Mining Container

Optimization Services

Atlas offers a full optimization services for your existing and new equipment.

  • Applications Engineering
  • Project Consultation Services
  • New package fabrication capabilities
  • Full retrofit in-house capabilities
  • Quality Control/ Quality Assurance Services
  • Full major overhaul mechanical services
  • Full Electrical and Instrumentation Services
  • Transportation Services
  • FAT Testing
  • Facility Expansion and Upgrades

Our in-house experts have all the technical expertise to take on any project of any size.

Green Energy Solutions

Providing innovation to our clients is at the core of our business. We believe that the future involves adapting to the green initiatives environment to live a more sustainable life. We provide a variety of sustainable project solutions including:

  • ​Solar Power with battery back Up solutions
  • Full engineering and design for generation solar facilities
  • Full maintenance and operations programs.

Field Services

With years of experience in the field services side of the industry Atlas can provide solutions worldwide to any of your field requirements.

  • Field Commissioning and startup support
  • Plant maintenance and turnarounds
  • Gas Compression
  • Power Generation
  • Gas Plants
  • Facility Installations
  • Electrical and Instrumentation maintenance

Any requirement for your electric power, facility or compression maintenance Atlas can provide a solution.

Power Generation Services

We provide power generation solutions to our customers worldwide. No project is to small or to large for our experienced team. We provide customized solutions for your needs.

  • Natural Gas and Diesel Power Generation
  • Turbine Power Generation
  • Switch Gear
  • In-house load testing

We offer reconditioned, rebuilt and custom ordered packages to suit your requirements. Each package is inspected, tested and ready for operation.




Combined Years
of Experience


Vendors and




A zero incident tolerance.

Safety is at the core of our operations. From our office spaces to the field, we ensure that every step of the way we exceed industry health and safety standards.

At Atlas, we believe that safety is paramount to conducting quality service for our clients, we comply with HSE Compliance management programs to provide our most important asset, our clients the transparency they deserve.

Our employees are provided the tools to perform their job efficiently, effectively and most importantly safely. Our commitment to consistent and regular training to ensure our zero-incident tolerance policy is followed is not taken lightly.


One of our key values is sustainability. We hold ourselves accountable, especially when it comes to ensuring consistent high environmental performance of our projects.

Our vision involves respecting a small ecological footprint as well as assisting and providing guidance for our clients to do so as well. Our years of experience has provided us with the knowledge that the growing movement of Environmental protection is at the utmost importance in our operations.




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